Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beauty is Only Skin Deep? Well...

If you've never read The Onion, the world's greatest news parody website, then you have to check them out!  I ran across this gem, and while not involving zombies, per se, they certainly look undead:  8 Hottest Celebrities Go Without Their Skin.

This got me wondering what known celebrities would look like zombiefied.  Apparently, I'm not alone.

Here are 29 celebrities zombiefied by  Nicely done! Check out the eyes on photo 5.

Thirteen celebrities get a zombie makeover using the Walking Dead's dead yourelf app.  Not as complete as the ones above, but still creepy.

Want to do yourself?  Try the dead yourself app.  Sadly, I was not able to get it to access pictures from my facebook albums.


  1. Very creepy and cool, at the same time! I did the "Dead yourself" app awhile ago. It was a lot of fun!