Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Monster Week - The Thing

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When I was younger, my sister and I used to watch MonsterVision.  There was a show we watched before that when we were even younger, but I can't remember what it was.  One of the featured films we saw happened to be the The Thing with Kurt Russell.

I remember being afraid and thinking I would have nightmares, but I couldn't stop watching.  Something about the film intrigued me.  Something made it fascinating.

It wasn't until I was in college that I discovered the 1982 version was a remake of a 1951 film called The Thing from Another World.

I had the pleasure of watching it in a sci-fi and horror film class through the English department.  The professor described the alien as a shape-shifting vegetable.  A carrot that could take on other forms.  Still, I really enjoyed that film, too.

About this time, I was collecting toys, and I really wanted the creature.  You can find more information about it here.  (FYI:  Aliens is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I own several of the toys from the film and have several tattoos, but that is a different blog post!)

For some reason, I never got it.  (I still have all my toys, incidentally, I just don't have anywhere to put them!)

Then, in 2011, they came out with another version of The Thing.

I watched it and enjoyed it, but it didn't give me the same thrill as the other films did.  Maybe by this point in time the story was overdone.  But I have to say, the creature was still freaking fantastic!

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  1. That is one creepy looking figure! :)

  2. A shape-shifting carrot, gives me chills.

  3. I love John Carpenter's The Thing. It never gets old. I haven't seen either the older or newer version yet. Perhaps I will. Thanks for sharing, Pembroke, and Happy Hopping.


  4. If vegetables are monsters... Wait! I knew it! That's why I wasn't a rabbit in a past life!

  5. haaa you're all too funny! Yeah beware of killer veggies!

  6. I thought the '51 original was good, but the '82 one was excellent. The fact that you didn't know if your friends were the alien (or possibly, you might not know if you were) is horrifying, way worse than a seperate, single, regenerating monster. And it was much closer to the original John W. Campbell story. As for the 2011 prequel, thought it was mediocre at best, and unnecessary. And all this talk has made me want to rewatch John Carpenter's version!

  7. I love both of these movies. John Carpenter's version is very scary.

  8. Coffinhopping in the #CoffinHop boneyard...and look what I dug up...your coffin!
    Love your site.
    Great post.
    Hope you are having an awesome #CoffinHop.
    - KimK