Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pin, er, collect, your books

Here's another thing you can do online now (what, you don't have enough busy work? :))

Author Steven Saus mentioned Amazon's new pseudo Pinterest boards - Collections. Now you can add your books and whatever else to your Collections Page in your Amazon account. Here's mine so far with My Books. So far I've only added GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie and The Corner Cafe: A Tasty Collection of Short Stories.

But... one little problem so far... it doesn't seem to call up all small press ebooks or other self-published works. The titles come up as Not Found. Corner Cafe is a self-published ebook by a group. So is Darlings of Decay which doesn't come up.

And...see? These other authors are smart. Marian Allen  mentioned that click the Learn More button on the collections page and hit the tab Collect and you'll see a button you can drag to your browser to Collect whatever you want...

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  1. It's always great when authors share what they learn - Thanks!