Saturday, October 26, 2013

Coffin Hop 2013!

Oct. 24-31!

A reminder - we're participating in the 2013 Coffin Hop Blog Tour - a great bunch of horror artists and writers. Be sure to check out all the blogs on the tour! We'll have monster posts here next week, so be sure to come back!

 *** A Halloween Treat: 
Get a free Kindle copy of GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie! 
Please put a review on Amazon and Goodreads!  *** 

 ** Kick back, have a glass of special Halloween wine, mmm,
 then stop by my website and see my Miniature Haunted House!  **

 ** Be sure to comment to win a copy of the DEATH BY DRIVE-IN Anthology - and buy a copy to benefit literacy! 

COFFIN HOP runs October 24-31 at WWW.COFFINHOP.COM  with more than 75  artists and authors, partying it up, bringing the treats and the tricks to an online audience of thousands.

2013 also sees the release of DEATH BY DRIVE-IN, a collection of stories from some of the best authors out there, as well as art from the legendary Nik Seizure, a special collectors edition of Robot Lincoln & Zombie Jackson, and an introduction by author, B-movie expert and cult filmmaker Scott S. Phillips. All profits to benefit LitWorld and their excellent children's literacy programs

The book features an introduction by cult horror filmmaker, author and all-around pop-cult expert Scott S. Phillips, and a special cliffhanger episode of the epic comic book phenomenon – Robot Lincoln and Zombie Jackson as they face the sinister Dr. Acula and his steam-powered supermen!

The roster includes:


  1. Hmm? I'm not sure about that wine. Perhaps if I have a few drinks of something else first...
    Thanks for sharing and for joining the Hop!


  2. I'm commenting! I want books! Oh, and I subscribed to your feed too.

  3. Thanks for the free Kindle book! Glad I found the Coffin hop

  4. I love, love, love your mini haunted house. How cool!

  5. I really love you little haunted house too! I have a skeleton that size also and this is a great idea for me to do for next year