Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Zombie Games Book Four - Why, oh why, did I go there?

So, I've gotten a little flack about Zombie Games Four, because of where I've gone with the story. While most of my readers have embraced the concept of demons and the end of the world apocalyptic struggles of more than just flesh-eating zombies, a few have snubbed the book, which I expected because, basically, you just can't please everyone.

If you've been reading my series, then you've probably noticed that there are some crazy things happening with more than just the zombies throughout the adventures. Now, I could have just created each book with everyone killing zombies, running away, killing more zombies, escaping, dying, turning into zombies, themselves, and on and on...I could have, but that storyline is pretty predictable and overdone. I wanted my series to stand out because of the craziness and unexpected twists involved in each separate book, and I think I've succeeded, at least I hope so.

Now as far as the fourth book goes, it was very challenging. Initially I had thought about just ending the series with Cassie waking up in a hospital and finding out she'd been in a coma; that everything had been a horrible dream (whimsical ending). Then my other idea had been that she'd woken up from a coma to find out it wasn't zombies but vampires ravaging the earth. Ugly, horrifying, freaky vampires...not the hot ones who entice you with their beauty and charm. Then my series was going to morph into something called Vampire Games with Cassie and Company dealing with fanged enemies as they tried to survive in a new world of monsters. But, I thought that was probably going way too far and decided not to venture that route. Then I struggled day after day with an ending until it brought me to a real end of the world scenario, something that millions of people had already heard of...The End Of Days. The Final fight between good and evil. Heaven VS Hell. Etc... After doing that some of my readers screamed - These are Zombies! Zombie Fiction! What the heck!?

Yes...and it still has zombies.

Now, how do zombies fit in with this kind of scenario?

Disease (which is noted as one of the seven signs of the apocalypse). In my books the zombies were created after a flu epidemic swept the world and an untested vaccine was administered by the government. This, in turn, created zombies. End of story, or actually, the beginning of mine.

So, why did I go there? Well... why not? The thought of zombies wandering the earth is scary enough but add in the threat of a real End Of Days scenario with Satan's impending arrival in book five, to me, I think it's taking everything to an entirely different level of fear and horror. Most of you agree, some of you may not, which is fine. Like I've said stated above, I can't please everyone and obviously there can only be one ending. So, watch for book five this fall to find out where all of this is going...and with my books, as usual, don't rule anything out!


  1. Very interesting! Personally, I think it's a great idea to combine all those elements. Sounds very intriguing! And... I still love that cover!

  2. The quote "When there's no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the earth." is quite fitting. I haven't read the series yet but I think its a neat concept and a break from the norm. Plus adding the end of days element you can introduce even more hell beasts to terrorize people with ie Hell Hounds, Goblins, Banshees.

  3. I forgot about that quote. Very good points and I think it will be a blast to write.

    I like the photo on the cover too. When I first saw it I laughed my butt off and thought, I HAVE to have that for my cover. Love it the eye.