Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Zombie Thanksgiving Poem

A Very Zombie Thanksgiving

The Zombie family gathered - Ma, Dad, Gramps and little Joe
Looking for just the right meal, you know...
But that didn't mean it would be easy, the family soon learned, 
but Grandpa mumbled, nothing'll keep me away, I'll be durned!
He reached out and tried to pull out a chair;
Oops! He left several fingers lying there.
Ma Z tsk-tsked and set out the meal,
rolls, turkey, and brains - oh what a deal!
The kids yelled and fought, like most kids do,
Dad said, get to the table,
 and wouldn't you know, no one was able.
Legs wobbled, toes cracked,
Oh heck, Dad yelled; I think I broke my back!
But the Zombie family finally got in close, happy at last,
It was Thanksgiving! Time to let all their gripes be past.
Ma smiled and yelled, pass the brains and gravy; give me some turkey, too.
C'mon all let's eat!
And with that everyone picked out their favorite treat.
So enjoy the pumpkin pie, the sweet taters, the desserts, and the meat,
No matter what you're eating - may your holiday be just as tasty and sweet!

Hey, I never guaranteed high art - but at least you smiled!
A Very Happy Thanksgiving to You!

Stay tuned as we'll have some special posts coming up next week after Thanksgiving!

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  1. Okay, I don't think your own protagonist, Becca in "Girl Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie" would find this poem very funny... but I sure did. :-)