Friday, April 4, 2014

Blogging A to Z - D is for Death and Destruction

Which is pretty much a given when the undead rise up and take over the world.  If books and movies have taught us anything, it's that the vast majority of us won't survive.  That's a little D-pressing.

There's a quiz going around that let's you know how long you'd survive the zombie apocalypse.  I took it, and my outcome was:  "You narrowly crawled through six months of hell. Very few of your family survived, and many of your friends perished."

I believe I would survive for much longer.  First of all, I would have my spouse with me, and he is incredibly skilled in hunting, survival, and first aid.  We would do our best to get out of town and into the mountains where we (hopefully) wouldn't run in to many undead.  I wouldn't be alone.  I'd have someone around to watch my back.

But the bigger question is:  would I want to survive the zompocalypse?

My friend and I have a continuous conversation about what we'd do if the zombie apocalypse occurred, and her response is that she'd end it immediately.  She wouldn't want to survive at all in the hell that would be the world.  She would rather take her own life.  She has some valid points.  Who would want to live in constant fear?  Why would you want to spend your life (no matter how short it might be) struggling to survive, scrounging for your next meal, constantly looking over your shoulder?  Is that the type of life you'd want for your kids?

I don't have that answers to these questions, but they give me a lot to think about.  Hopefully, I never actually have to answer them.

What would you do if presented with death and destruction?

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  1. I'd either find a deep cave to hide in or wait for the inevitable. :)