Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blogging A to Z, U is for Us Girl Zombie Authors

 Blogging A to Z  --  U is for Us Girl Zombie Authors, of course! 

Today's post seemed the perfect day to share why we -- the GirlZombieAuthors -- like to write about zombies.

Karina Fabian, author of Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator:zombie exterminator

Why do I like writing about zombies? 
"I was asked, and they are funny."

Favorite Book Quote: Napalm sticks to zombies!

Kristen Middleton, author of Zombie Games (Origins - Book 1):

Why do I like writing about zombies? 
"Hmm... because the idea of an apocalypse is so terrifying and intriguing. Throw that in with dead humans who will do anything to eat your brains and are everywhere you turn, it makes for some really good stories."

Favorite Book Quote:
Kristie snorted. “Okay, everyone, time to leave. The testosterone in this room is going to either make me go nuts or grow a pair; frankly I don’t want to do either.”

Pembroke Sinclair, author of Death to the Undead:

Why do I like writing about zombies? 
"It gives me a way to examine what it means to be human. It puts characters in a horrific dire situation that usually makes them do things they don't want to do and they have to decide how it affects their humanity."

Favorite Book Quote:
"I knew Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I was pretty sure the zombies could destroy it in one." - Krista, Death to the Undead.

C.A. (Christine) Verstraete, author of Girl Z: My Life As A Teenage Zombie:
Why do I like writing about zombies? 
"Because I have a twisted mind? ha! I like the challenge of thinking up something different, and having fun with it. Just because the character's world is ending doesn't mean beyond the trauma, challenges and dire circumstances, they can't sometimes have a sense of humor. 

"While most zombie books involve a lot of fighting the zombies and are more male-oriented, I wanted to show it from the other side—that of a girl not only fighting zombies, but fighting herself, outside prejudices, and dealing with the fear of turning into what she fears most."

Favorite Book Quote:
Becca thinks, Laugh or I'll cry.
And a little suspense:
Standing on my tiptoes, I bounced up and down, ready to jump if a hand pulled the door or something came out around the door frame.
Nothing stirred. The quiet was almost worse.
My mind raced, picturing all kinds of horrors—the creature lurking behind the door waiting to get us, the monster under the bed . . . a whole catalog of childhood nightmares came to life. The worst image—no. I shoved that one away—fast. 


  1. Good post, Christine. I liked the reason why writers would write about Zombies. Have you ever thought about writing an " End of the world book" and if you have, what besides Zombies would cause the End?
    I love end of the world books for the same reason as Zombie books. The challenge of trying to survive, the rebuilding of life, and the new ways that people have to learn to survive. We all know that humanity will go on but HOW is the big question. Will it be like the dark ages? Is it possible that it has already occurred in the billions of years that the planet has existed? Perhaps there was a civilization more advanced than ours even before the Pyramids were built. Perhaps that civilization met it's end from a "Zombie like" illness or perhaps even Ebola that seems to have been around for eons.
    So many things to write about but a real writer must now just have the ideas. He or she must have the patience to sit and, as I once heard a writer say, "bleed" to get the words onto paper. I have always wanted to write a book but I never will. I have patience for other things but not for sitting and waiting for the words to come.
    Keep up you great work, Christine, and I love your new book. Girl Z.

  2. I admit, I've always been fascinated reading about the plague in times past. Interesting to think how they didn't understand their whole way of life changing or the causes. We're so spoiled today, it'd be hard to go back to simpler times with no electric or modern conveniences. I seem to keep taking a kind of odd humorous slant though so not sure if I can tackle a straight drama - yet. ha! Thanks for the nice comments. Glad you're enjoying the book.


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