Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blogging A to Z, T is for Teenage Zombie

 Blogging A to Z  -- T is for Teenage Zombie, of course! 

Often you'll find several books and movies with similar or the same names.

As I chose the name for GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie randomly since it seemed to fit, for fun, I thought I'd see what movies are out there with a similar name. 

No guarantees that they'll be any good, of course - warning - they probably are really bad!). (Read the book, it's better just like what happens with a lot of movies.)

Teenage Zombie (1961) takes the usual crazy scientist angle, but this time it's a woman in charge who turns teens into her slaves.  Wishful thinking when it comes to getting teens to clean their rooms perhaps?

In I was a Teenage Zombie, (1987) high schoolers kill a drug pusher who comes back as a zombie on a killing spree.  (Don't they do that anyway?)

In a slightly different play on the title, Zombie Crush, a Teenage Zomedy (2013) has 13-year-old Bobby waking  from a coma and having to grow-up fast in a new zombie-filled world. 29-minute short comedy. (With a $50,000 budget, I'm not sure of the results but it may be better than expected or better than some anyways.)

From there on IMDB, the title listings degrade into few choices including an "I was a Teenage Zombie Prostitute" episode on a TV series. Two parts yet. Never mind.

Sometimes it pays to read instead.

First lines - Prologue:
A virus. A freaking virus.
I'd been sick before, you know, measles, mumps…kid stuff…but not really sick. 
Never like this.

First line - Chapter 1:
Funny how the most important or memorable moments of your life are bookmarked between the ordinary.
That's how it was the day my life changed—forever.

In GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie16-year-old Rebecca Herrera Hayes finds her life changed when she's infected with the Z-virus through an accidental scratch.

 Now as a part-zombie, she must cope with weird bodily changes, a strange new diet (no, not that!), and prejudice as she struggles to fit in because of her new condition. 

She finds strength in fighting off the full zombies while protecting her family and friends, and hopes to find something to stop this deadly transformation . . . before it is forever too late.


  1. Awesome. We're big zombie fans around here. In fact. my youngest says his favorite monster is a zombie...because it can't swear. Silly kids. I think my favorite zombie movie is Zombieland. I mean, double tap, do you get any more epic than that?

    True Heroes from A to Z

  2. My husband watches every zombie show on TV. I am more of a vampire person.
    Over here from the A to Z.