Sunday, April 10, 2016

#AtoZ - I is for Incident

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Today is the letter I for Incident 

Zombies are created by an incident. Whether that incident is a virus being released into the world (the most common occurrence that happens in numerous TV shows and films), a satellite coming back from Jupiter with excessive radiation (Night of the Living Dead), an alien cloud (Ghosts of Mars), or being controlled by an evil sorcerer (The Serpent and the Rainbow), the incident causes the downfall of humankind.

With this incident comes the inability for anybody to do anything about it. More often than not, the "anybody" is usually science. In some cases, they are even the cause of the problem. Without this incident, there wouldn’t be zombies.

 What is your favorite incident from the movies?

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  1. I like the one from Jupiter via Night of the Living Dead. Enjoyed this!
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