Monday, April 25, 2016

#AtoZ - U is for Undead Obsessed

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Today is the letter U for Undead Obsessed

I am obsessed with zombies/the undead, and I have been since the first time I watched Night of the Living Dead. I was in junior high, and it didn’t scare me like other horror films I’d seen, but it left me with an unsettled feeling—and I loved it!

But zombies aren’t the only undead creatures I’m obsessed with. There are others—lots and lots of others.

I’m also a huge fan of slasher films. Freddy, Jason, and Mike all fit into the “undead” category because, technically, they aren’t exactly alive. And they sure as hell can’t be killed. Do you know how many films there are in these franchises? A lot! But I’m not complaining. I find them incredibly enjoyable and love to watch them.

And don’t forget about vampires. Again, undead creatures. I remember watching Bram Stoker’s Dracula and falling in love with Gary Oldman. Oh, he was amazing as Dracula. Then there was Interview with the Vampire. I think my favorite part about vampire films is how sophisticated the creatures try to be, even though they are damned, murderous monsters. I just love how these films blur the line between good and evil and make the audience questions who they should feel sorry for.

But that’s true for all horror movies that I watch. It’s supposed to be clear-cut who is the villain and who is the hero, but that’s not often the case. In slasher films, audiences find themselves seeing the world through the eyes of the killer—and sympathizing with them! In zombie films, it’s never really clear who the real killers are. Sure, zombies have destroyed the world and eat the humans, but their motives are clear. The humans are the ones who are devious and underhanded. Who’s the real monster there, huh?

You can also include movies about hauntings in this category because, well, ghosts are undead. This isn’t one of my favorite genres of film, however, but I know there are people out there who dig it. And that’s totally cool!

Who are your favorite undead creatures?

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  1. Such movies are a thrill to watch and enjoy reading your take on them:)