Wednesday, April 13, 2016

#AtoZ - K is for Stephen King

 Today is Day 13 of the 7th Annual A to Z Blog Challenge. 

What better than K for Stephen King?

He'll be touring for the release of End of Watch, book 3 in the Det. Bill Hodges trilogy (after Mr. Mercedes where the detective tracks a serial killer,  and Finders Keepers (which I have to read yet.)

King will be touring for the new book. Check his website for any changes. Too bad, nothing out in the Wisconsin-Illoinois area.. yet. 

The format for these venues will be on-stage conversations and there will not be a book signing. Stephen will be pre-signing 400 books for each store that will be given out randomly at the event. More details will be released as they become available.

June 7      Word Bookstore, Jersey City, NJ
June 8      Penguin Bookshop, Sewickley, PA
June 9      Books & Co., Dayton, OH
June 10    Taylor Books, Charleston, WV
June 11     Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN
June 12     Carmichael’s Books, Louisville, KY
June 13     Prairie Lights, Iowa City, IA
June 14     Bookworm, Omaha, NE
June 15     Booksmart, Tulsa, OK
June 16     Bookworks, Albuquerque, NM
June 17     The King’s English, Salt Lake City, UT
June 18     Barnes & Noble, Reno, NV


  1. Love him but haven't read him voraciously in a while. Loved the Kennedy thing and have Mercedes in the TBR pile so no spoilers please. The Stand is one of the best books ever IMO.

    1. I liked Merecedes and want to continue the series. And The Stand has to be my favorite too (though I do like Pet Sematary and Salem's Lot.) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love Stephen King too! I am looking forward to the new book's release! Thanks for the tour dates update :)
    Many Blessings,

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    1. Yes, looking forward to reading this next one, too. I wish he were touring out this way. Someday, I hope!


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