Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#AtoZ - Every Icky Little Word For the Fun and Love of #Horror

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Today is the Letters E and F 

There's something, dare I say, "fun" in writing every icky line.

I've long read Stephen King so I can cringe with the best of them at the yucky parts. I may even close my eyes when a movie gets way too gory.

Writing it is differerent. It's a challege, especially with zombies, to come up with some different ways to describe how they look, and smell, and act....

I admit, I was somewhat tame in my first book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie.

Oh sure, there are some parts with the zombies attacking, but it's mostly Becca's story. And as a part-zombie she's not a monster. She's not a full Z. Her reactions to "them" is pretty much likes ours. She's just as disgusted.

It's even worse when her other cousin comes home--and he's no longer himself. Here's a little excerpt about that: 

** Find out what really happened to Spence before he got home in the short story prequel, CHANGES.

On my next project, which I'm not disclosing quite yet, I took more liberties as it's an adult and not a young adult story. It involves a certain period of time and let's say solves a certain crime. There are a lot more zombies in this one, more gore, more mayhem, more crisis going on everywhere. It has some interesting twists and a surprise reason behind what's happening. ** CONTEST below - Sign up for mailing list on the website to keep in the loop and get details as they come!!! 

Here's one of the icky lines:

It made a disgusting rasping sound, its pocked and blackened tongue wriggling from between the decayed lips like a snake.
And yes, that is a mild one. They get much, much  worse than that and there's a lot of them. Yes, gorier than the YA book... heh heh. 
Hopefully I'll be sharing more details on that soon. Hoping very soon.

** What's your favorite "yucky" part from a movie or a book line that makes your skin crawl? 

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  1. Dropping in on the A to Z. Nice to find your blog :)
    Katy Trail Creations

  2. Big King fan myself. I have trouble reading some of his stuff but I force my way through it. I liked your excerpt. Sounds like a cool story.


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